The coronavirus outbreak is under control

Covid-19 was detected in three employees at Solli DPS, which is defined as an outbreak. After extensive testing of all employees and inpatients, no new infections have been detected. Local and regional infectious disease authorities have assessed that the outbreak is under control, and that normal operations can be resumed from Friday, March 26th.

Is it safe to come to appointments?

Yes, for you as a patient, it has always been safe to come to appointments.


Infection control measures in hospitals, such as pre-screening of all patients, frequent disinfection and two meter distance, mean that the risk of being infected in hospitals are less than elsewhere in society.


Can I come to my appointments as usual?

Yes, but due to the new national guidelines, consultations will take place with a distance of two meters, and with a face mask for both patients and employees if the distance is under two meters. In that case, you will be given a face mask at the reception.


Do you offer video consultations?

Yes, we do. Many consultations can be conducted over video or telephone with the same effect, while at other times, it is best to meet face-to-face. Consult your therapist about this if you prefer video consultations, or call us at 55 61 82 00.