Corona virus outbreak at Solli DPS

Three employees at Solli DPS have tested positive for Covid-19. The outbreak is handled in accordance with current contingency plans and in close collaboration with the infectious disease team in Bergen municipality. Our highest priority is safety for our patients and staff, and the treatment we provide is still safe for you as a patient.

For you as a patient, this means the following:

  • Get in touch if you have questions about your consultation, or you want to meet over video or telephone instead of in person.
  • Both you and your therapist may need to use medical face masks in a physical consultation.
  • Follow the instructions here for practical information for your consultation, and get in touch by phone if you have questions or are wondering if you should meet for a physical consultation: 55 61 82 00.
  • We have stopped new patient admissions to our inpatient wards for the next few days. Call us if you have questions about this: 55 61 82 00.


This page will be updated. Please check back for the latest information.